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Raw Material

Hot rolled steel bar or rod coils are selected as raw materials in this process. The hot rolled products generally have very rough and scaled surfaces and may appear in many different shapes and sizes.




Mechanical Descaling

Commonly known as “shot blasting”, there is nothing common about the cost-controlling efficiency built into this particular process. Each steel bar is individually pinged more than 1.1 billion times by machines that throw five gallons of shot every 10 seconds. Shot size mixtures are rigorously maintained to assure production speed and finish quality.




Cold Drawing

In this process, the material being drawn is placed at a room temperature (Cold-Drawn). The pointed reduced end of the bar or coil, which is smaller than the die opening, is passed through the die where it enters a gripping device of the drawing machine. The drawing machine pulls or draws the remaining unreduced section through the die. The die reduces the cross section of the original bar or coil, shapes the profile of the product and increases the length of the original product.




Straightening & Polishing

This is a treatment used to soften the material being drawn, to modify the micro-structure, the mechanical properties and the machining characteristics of the steel at the same time remove internal stresses. Depending on the desired characteristics of the finished product, annealing may be used before, during (between passes) or after the cold drawing operation, depending on customer’s requirements.



Inspection & Packing

The finished bundle is banded with steel strapping and steel banding clips. The bundle will then be painted on the end according to the customer’s design and requirements and identified with a tag. The cold drawing process makes steel appear stronger, straighter, brighter and closer in size and tolerance to the precise requirements of each customer’s demand.